rC3 Infodesk

As usual, the Infodesk will be available to answer your questions before and during the event.

How can I reach the Infodesk?

As usual, the Infodesk will be available to answer your questions before and during the event.

How can I reach the Infodesk?



Infodesk Angel Introduction

Dear interested angels,

the Infodesk will take place under special conditions this year (again). A dynamic and incalculable online event with changing conditions and decentralization, unfortunately leads to the problem, that we will not be able to train you with as much patience and organization as you deserve.

Therefore, we have decided that this year we would like to encourage mainly Infodesk angels to participate, who have already been helping in the past years. The reason for this is, the already mentioned changed form of the congress. Aditionally, we are dealing with sensitive information (f.e when communicating via the Infodesk social media accounts) and therefore depend on an already existing trust relationship.

We strongly hope that you will not be discouraged by this decision, that you will have an excellent Congress and that you will try out other types of angel shifts - and most of all that we will be able to welcome you as a new Infodeskengel next year!

All love, the Infodeskcrew

When will the merch be released?

Here you go: merch.rc3.world

Which size is the merch?

For most merch are sizecharts within the selected merch - for example:

Shirts straight: Continental N03 (XS-5XL)

Shirts fitted: Continental N09 (S-XL)

Shirts Kinder: EPJ01 (3-4YRS 5-6YRS 7-8YRS 9-10YRS 11-12YRS)

Hoodie: STANLEY/STELLA black (S-4XL)


Are there IRC Channels

Yes here are some (no complete list):


I have technical questions about setting up our assembly in rc3.world, that are not answered in the wiki.

You can contact world@rc3.world.

Is there a status page where I can see the status of rc3.world?

Yes, head over to status.c3events.de and have a look.


When will the Fahrplan be released?

Here you go: rc3.world/2021/public_fahrplan

Were is the Halfnarp?

This year, there won't be a halfnarp in the usual form; instead, we expect the final schedule to be released soon. This change in plans is due to a change in structure: For rC3, the schedule will aggregate all available streams (including some community stages), which has made the scheduling more complex and time-consuming. Unfortunately that means that the usual feedback process would not have worked this time.

My talk wasn't selected. Will there be another possibility like lightning talks?

DonĀ“t panic - there are Lightning Talks events.ccc.de/2021/12/23/rc3-lightningtalks/